Rhonda is a Level III instructor of Romana’s Pilates. She opened Pilates Connection, the official Midwest training center, in 2006. She started training in 1993 and was certified in 1995. Rhonda came to Pilates following a successful ballroom dancing career. Rhonda’s successful career as a professional ballroom dancer took her to national competitions for over 25 years, and she was introduced to Pilates as an avenue to strengthen and enhance her performance in the Latin Division of ballroom dancing. Rhonda took one of her first lessons in 1993 with Romana Kryzanowska, the Joseph Pilates protege and founder of Romana’s Pilates™ which inspired her to study Pilates more in depth.



Juanita is a Level I instructor of Romana’s Pilates, who began her studies with Romana Kryzanowska in the summer of 1988. Prior to that, she had been a professional ballet dancer and taught ballet in the Chicago area. Juanita was also on the faculty of Northwestern University where she taught ballet and eventually the Pilates mat work. In 1993, at the request of Romana, Juanita began teaching the seminars for the certification training program that was supervised by Romana. Since then her duties also include administering final exams and teaching continuing professional education. Juanita is highly sought after by teachers all over the world for her knowledge of Pilates. Juanita currently teaches at Pilates Connection Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.



John is a Level IV instructor of Romana’s Pilates. Following a career in dance, John came to Pilates. He began studying Pilates with Juanita Lopez in 1999 and decided to pursue teaching certification. He received his certificate in January, 2005 and began working at Pilates Connection in April 2005. John was promoted to a Level 4 instructor in 2009. This level qualifies him to prepare, supervise and train apprentices going through the teacher training program.

John has also been a massage therapist since 1994.



Chris became a certified instructor in March, 2007. She completed her training under Rhonda Celenza and Juanita Lopez at Pilates Connection and has made many trips to New York,Washington DC, Seattle, Champaign, and Arlington, Texas to study under a variety of top teachers. Chris continues to teach in Evanston and has opened a studio in Barrington, IL – Pilates Studio 6.



Andrea began studying Pilates in 1991 following an injury to her neck. She was excited by the improvement in her daily functioning that Pilates gave her and sought out a way to share this with others. Upon moving to Evanston, Andrea decided to leave the field of social work and began training under Rhonda Celenza and Juanita Lopez. She completed her training and became a certified instructor of Romana’s Pilates in 2007.



Nancy Curran started Pilates after undergoing back surgery. Amazed at how much movement and strength she was able to regain, she wanted to share her Pilates experience with others. Nancy was certified by Romana’s Pilates in 2011 at Pilates Connection under the guidance of Rhonda Celenza and Juanita Lopez. Nancy also teaches at Pilates Studio 6.



Kari received a Pilates teaching certification from another Pilates method in 2003. After teaching Pilates for four years in the Chicago and Oak Park areas, she decided that she wanted a deeper knowledge of the work. She came to Pilates Connection in order to go through the Romana’s Pilates teaching certification program. After studying with Rhonda Celenza for a year, she entered into the program and completed her certification in 2008.




Michael began his study of Pilates in 2005 as a way to maintain the fitness required in his job as a Chicago Firefighter/EMT. Often the only male in the class, standing 6’2”, he continued his pursuit to experience the incredible benefits of Pilates. He then decided to expand his education and become an instructor and was certified by Juanita Lopez in 2010. He is now interested in encouraging other men and women to discover the practice of Pilates, helping them build stronger, healthier bodies.



After living in Los Angeles for many years, Susan moved to Chicago in 2000 and began her study of Pilates that same year. Her first teacher led Susan to Juanita Lopez, with whom she studied the method for the past 10 years. After a long career as an advertising executive and then as a fine-art dealer, Susan started the teacher-training program at Pilates Connection under the supervision of Rhonda Celenza and Juanita Lopez in 2011. She completed her certification in 2012.